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Great Yarmouth Marketplace

We don't usually take part in open design competitions, but January was a slow month, and we thought it would be fun to try our hand at the competition for the revitalisation of Great Yarmouth Marketplace.
The site.

The brief asked for two seperate market areas, a six-day covered market and two-day open market (doubling as a car park for the rest of the week), and a flexible events area.    

To keep within the tight budget constraints, we opted for re-purposed shipping containers for the fixed stalls, and a tensile fabric canopy for the covered market, moving the covered market to the centre of the site opened up a flexible events area on the town centre end of the square.
Shipping containers,

Covered market.

View from the south.

At street level

From beneath the canopy.


Kingsnorth Power Station Chimney Demolition

On Thursday 22nd March we were invited by Coleman & James, the contractor we worked with on Cranbrook 6th Form Centre, to watch the Kingsnorth Power Station chimney demolition from outside their offices, just a mile or so north of the site.

Besides a lovely breakfast, we also got some great footage of the demolition from two slightly different angles.

The chimney, which stood over 198 metres tall, was part of the Kingsnorth Power Station first commissioned in 1973. It operated for nearly 40 years before being shut down in December 2012, after reaching an operation-hours cap laid down by the government. At its peak, it provided 1100 jobs and could produce up to 1320MW of electricity.

Prior to demolition, the tower was the 2nd tallest building in Kent after the TV transmitter in Dover. Luckily, as the last surviving power station chimney on the Medway, onlookers could be reasonably certain they had the right one this time.

Speaking of Cranbrook, we’ve also recently had final pictures uploaded to the gallery for Cranbrook (and Gravesend Borough Market). You can check them out here and here.